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In the Tonkean Community, we believe in the importance of empowering internal teams to build processes people actually follow—along with experiences that provide real business value. We believe this should be the primary goal of every internal service function—Legal Operations very much included.

That's why we've created the Legal Operations Chapter of the broader Tonkean Community. Here, our mission is to bring together smart individuals from across the Legal Ops world to share best practices for automating, improving, and transforming internal contract experiences and legal processes.

Influencers, organizational leaders, and on-the-ground practitioners can use this space to connect and share best practices in our forum. Additionally, here you can learn more about our events, and tap into further Legal Ops-expertise via our podcast.

Becoming a member of this chapter means you gain access to the insights, networking opportunities, and resources you need to stay ahead of the digital transformation curve.

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